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Video Review: KidsTV123

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Have you ever heard of these amazing educational videos for the toddler/preschool set?  Is the idea of having ridiculous songs stuck in your head appealing to you?  If not, how about your toddler learning their alphabet, phonics, numbers, animals, colors  and various children’s songs in a fun and silly way?  This is what KidsTV123 has done in our household.  KidsTV123 publishes these awesomely catchy videos (with an eerily similar folksy tune) by A.J. Jenkins that are available free on YouTube.  We subscribe to the videos and L just loves them.  Some of the lyrics are absolutely hilarious.  Our favorites in this house are:

“The B Song” – Once you hear it you’ll know why.  It goes buh-buh-buh-buh-buh….

“The Phonics Song 2″ – This was the first one that L memorized at 15 months.

“The D Song”  – Only because it says “Don’t eat donuts while you’re stuck in a door.”

“We are the Alphabet”  – Just a cute video that introduces all the letters.  L waves at them when they leave the screen.  It makes me misty eyed.

KidsTV123 still adds new content all the time so it’s not like the information isn’t fresh (not that the alphabet changes or anything).  The material is well thought out and they even have British versions (e.g., they have a Wheels on the Bus rendition with the cars driving on the left side of the road).  Add a few of these to your favorites and see whether your family gets addicted like ours.  The graphics of the videos are incredibly simple so if you’re expecting something out of this world you will be greatly disappointed..but the simple graphics are all they seem to need…the cheesy factor makes it even better.

Check it out peeps, you won’t be sorry!  Thanks to Jim who recommended this incredible resource to us!



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  1. LOVE these videos. My daughter is 11 months and has been watching them since 5 months. I accidentally found These are the Sounds the Animals Make one day on youtube and haven’t looked back! I have an entire folder on my youtube account just for her now. She LOVES Where’s the Monkey and the Train Song. I seriously feel like she is absorbing the information… so cute, colorful, silly, educational and I adore Mr. Jenkins voice as well. Just great stuff that I am sure she will enjoy for a few more years to come :)

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